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Yes, you have read it fine! All Tuesdays of 2020, we are going to do a maximum of 5 diagnostics free of charge on our shop. Why do we do that? With the experience, we have seen that many commuting riders don't take the time to do the maintenance at home, meaning that they don't realise and it has been over 6 months since they put grease the last time. When checking things on time, you can save a lot of money and, very important, time. What do we do on the diagnostic? We offer a FULL check of the bike,...


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Welcome to our blog!! In here you will find weekly up dates talking about how to choose the right bike depending on your necessities, how to diy maintenance, how to get the most of it by using it right, repair services and a little of our life style! We really hope you enjoy it and you find useful all the information we are going to post in here.   Thank you for joining us, Bike and Road BXL.


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