About us

Bike and Road BXL was founded with one mission: to do it different and easy to everyone.

We like to show to people how easy can be to do a basic maintenance on their bikes, saving money and time. How important is to have “the bike” that suits your necessities and how to get the best of it. Find all the information at the "Make it last" page. We can't wait to see more people on bikes, well maintained ones!

It all began in Dublin, crazy! But we met in a bike shop. Ever since, we had in mind opening our own. After a road trip around Europe, in our camper van, we ended up in here, Brussels. A great cosmopolitan city that everyday improves the #bikelife. 

When we arrived, looking for a second hand bike was a bit of trouble, the quicker solution was to go to a garage of a particular and buy one. Most of them are not checked, and many people don’t have the knowledge of what’s important to look at. Conclusion; people buying bikes in "great prices” but with repair services so expensive that bike shops would not even look at. So opening a second hand bike store would be a good solution. And that's how Bike and Road BXL born.

Even though, in our shop you will also find a selection of brand new GIANT bikes; e-bikes, folding, VTT and more.

We have been really good welcomed in the area, surrounded with friendly neighbours and many riders! And after a year with the shop, and seeing that people from all around Belgium is interested on our items, we finally launched the online store!

Keep posted for future changes!!

Bike and Road BXL



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