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What type of bicycle do you need?

1.- What will you use the bike for?

: It is essential to be clear what you want it for. A bicycle is not the same to walk only on weekends (recreational use), as to commute daily to work (vehicular use) or to participate in competitions (sporting purpose). If you will move around the city on a daily basis, the city bikes with changes, or the hybrid ones, are useful, while if you practice sports with it, you should choose a mountain, off-road or race bicycle.

2.- Where will you transit?

. Knowing in advance if you will be mobilizing in the city or rural sectors, in places with slopes or not, is key to choosing a suitable bicycle model. For example, if you move around the city, ideal are bicycles with strong frames, high handlebars, and wide, smooth wheels that support the roughness of the pavement and constant ups and downs of the gutters.

3- The size of your bicycle:

To calculate the bicycle size you need, you should not only consider the bicycle rim, which for adults, 28 is the most common. The size of the bike is determined by the frame size, which is based on the length of the seat tube. Here you can see an example

4.- Finally, you must take into account your budget.

Depending on the range, type of bicycle and brand, the price can vary greatly. If you need a bicycle for recreational use, you can find medium / low range components (steel or aluminum) at prices between approximately 600 and 800 euros; For vehicular use, high / mid-range bikes are recommended, at values ​​between 900 to 1,200 euros, while a high-end sports bike is made with high-end components that can cost 4,000 5,000 euros and more.