June 7th first ONLINE event from 10h to 14h

About us

We are Rafa and Paula, we created Bike and Road BXL in 2018 in the heart of Brussels

Coincidentally, we met in a bicycle shop in the city of Dublin, Ireland, Rafa was a mechanic in a bike shop and Paula used the bicycle as a transportation, then it all started there.
In 2017 motivated by the growth of use of bicycles in Brussels, we created our own bicycle garage, repairing the bikes of our neighbours and advertising on social networks. Quickly we were gaining trust and love from the people. We soon realized how difficult was to buy a used bicycle Brussels, in good condition and checked by professionals who would give us guarantee and confidence. It was then when we decided to create this great project that is Bike and Road BXL.
We feel very grateful for all the support and trust that we have received from our customers, family and friends, organizations like Bike for Brussels or Bike Brussels have counted on us to participate in important events of sale and repair of bicycles in the city.
In the meantime we are organizing large sales of new bikes from the Giant brand, and second-hand bikes from HIGH QUALITY and well-known brands. The events are organized in our local in Chaussee de Wavre 139 Ixelles, Brussels or in places designated by the corresponding organization.

 If you’d like to contact us, write to: bikeandroadbe@gmail.com


Due the circumstances and the high demand of second-hand bicycles in our events organized in recent months, we have made the decision to finish with our workshop service and our physical store in Chaussee de Wavre 139 Ixelles, Brussels.
Meanwhile thinking about your needs, we have created this online store, where you can find some bicycles available, you will also find all the information described in the specifications and in the section on how we work and conditions.
If you have a clear idea of the bike you are looking for, and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. And we hope to see each other again soon as we can re-organize the events of great sale of new and second-hand bicycles.

With love, Rafa and Paula