Make it last

You are getting a bike, it means you choose freedom! Make it last.

  1. Check the tire pressure ALWAYS! With the proper tire pressure you will be faster and you will not damage the wheels, tires and prevent flat tire.
  2. Start riding the bike with low speeds. Doing it, you will not have to do a super effort when start to ride from 0 and you will make the transmission (chain, cassette and crankset) last longer.
  3. Do you have 2 or 3 gears at the front? Have a look at the next image to see how to use them properly.
  4. Change to the low gears before a big hill! When going up, don’t do much effort on the gears if you change them.
  5. When using a city bike every day, clean and lubricate the transmission twice a month. You will feel the difference.
  6. Check the break system! Do you have brake pads? Change them before damaging the rim or disc! They last depending on user, km, weight and quality.
  7. For more advise or detailed questions, feel free to ask!

Keep those tips on mind to get the best of your bike for longer time.

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