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Based on 23 people 4,9 out of 5

Alain MSafari *

Very peaceful & welcoming people, always ready to help you, go check out their collection of Mountain, Road, Race & E-Bikes they got many varieties of prices for everyone, i love the one i bought there you'll definitely find yours 2

Charlotte Rodaway *

Great, honest people who seem to love what they do. Honestly priced, and a unique collection of bikes!

Diego Michiels Caballero*

quality service, new and second-hand bikes, incredibly friendly staff, highly recommended. my new place to go for bike advice & gear.

Edward HD*

Great place! The duo who run the shop are very friendly and helpful. A variety of used bikes and prices for all interests and needs. We got 2 bikes & locks and are very happy with our purchase. Services done in-house, so if anything goes wrong you'll be sorted. Get your bikes here - highly recommend!

Jessica Iris *


Good service attitude, the shop owner is willing to help. When it is not convenient for me to pick up a child, send the car to my house.

Nina Luoccio*

Super vélos, super personnes toujours à l écoute, super prix, super qualité de services...tout ça sur fond de reggae!
Mon fils et moi, on est fan! Je recommande.



Based on 37 people 4,9 out of 5

Jessica Simoes*

The couple that held the shop are friendly and customer oriented. They take their time to properly listen to our needs. If you are looking for a second hand bike I definitely recommend to go there. I bought a bike during the summer and I love it. It was not expensive and good quality. I recently fell with the bike and for 20€ they took care of the little repairs and operated a full check up. Worth going there!

David Naan*

Friendly, competent. Lots of choice and rapid changing bike stock. A must see for second hand with waranty.

Ayar Portugal*

The service is friendly, cordial and efficient, and the bicycles are in very good condition even at second hand.

Alexandra Fernandez*

Friendly and professional service. I recommend it 100%!