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Guarantee second hand

If you go for a secondhand bike is important you read all the details and specifications written on each article.

This guarantee will be in the bicycle purchase contract and both parties will have a copy of mutual agreement signed. Recognizing the bike has been given in the agreed conditions.

All the secondhand bikes have been checked and adjusted by professionals, adding new parts when needed and well tried. We ensure all the parts and components works perfectly. You receive the bike ready to ride.

We offer 2 weeks (14 days) of guarantee on all our second hand bicycles, in case of failure of any of the components of the bicycle, it must be notified only by email, during the guarantee period of 14 days, we will collect it, We will repair and return it free of charge.

In case of accident, misuse, maladjustment, theft, vandalism, flat tire are not covered by the guarantee.

We only cover bikes that have been done by us, in any case we will cover any service done by the user or any third on his name.

Refund not applicable